website is brought to the world by a group of people who are in to Meditation and spirituality and are followers of Nath cult. They practice Dhyana-Yoga (and Hatha Yoga) and believe that the ancient hidden knowledge and truth about God can only be gained by the blessing of a true Guru. The Guru who has experienced self realization and has realized the truth. Therefore one must go to the True Guru and try to learn about the truth. One should surrender to the Guru completely and serve him by heart. Guru if finds that the disciple deserve for a particular knowledge or power he imparts all his teachings and love to him.

God himself is the Supreme Guru and the tradition of Guru & disciple starts from him only. So one has to see that every Guru must have a Guru from this tradition. Without following this tradition nobody can be a true Guru. Nobody can achieve spirituality or self realization by creating his own methods which is observed now everywhere. The self proclaimed Guru of modern times are making fools of everybody. They easily find lots of people who are victims of today's modern and fast life and are searching for a some solution or peace.

Second kind of people are those who are selling spirituality by inventing ther own methods, designs and different therapies. These person sometimes are fool enough to test the spiritual power in laboratories. Its very ridiculous that they are testing a subject which is unknown to them with the knowledge of other subject. If one really wants to know anything about the spirituality he should go deep in to the spirituality by learning from a true Guru. Spirituality can not be tested by the knowledge of Science or technology. If it is so than the leading and developed countries must have seen the God and they all might have been the great saints.

The power of Rudraksha is far more than any common man can imagine. We have been in touch with great saints and our Guru for their blessing on the subject. It has been an eye opening experience that the bead has highest power and its above the control of almost all prevailing powers like Tantra, Mantra and most of the Deva's and Goddess. We have been blessed with many handwritten scriptures by Great Yogis and saints and were lucky enough to learn the ancient knowledge and hidden methods of opening great power of Rudraksha bead. Some methods involve mantra power and certain puja process starting from a definite date and ending on definite date. These method involve a week time to as much as 12 weeks time. Some method involve Kriya Yoga which involve a definite method or practice in which Rudraksha is to be kept for 21 days to 31 days time. Other method involves Tantric practice on cremation ground which results in great Siddhi's.

We have benefited immensely from Rudraksha in due course of life. Now we think that the facts about this bead must be told to the needy so that their faith on spirituality and this bead is maintained. We want to mitigate ignorance, superstition being circulated by a few suppliers/traders, who have made this holy bead a commodity as a form of jewelry not spirituality. There are others who are selling fake beads for making money in the name of Rudraksha. If only spirituality was so readily and cheaply available, wouldn't half the world become ascetic & achieve all that they desire in life? Also it hurts those who have immense faith on the power of these beads. Our purpose is to stop people from being cheated in the name of religion/spirituality and help them make the right decisions and get immense benefit from these powerful beads which have the power to bless the wearer/worshiper with everything he desires.

If you want to know more about us, please do feel free to e-mail us on the addresses mentioned next to the name. We will be please to help you in any way we can. After all that's what we are all here for.

Harinesh Kumar Jain ( [email protected] )

H.K. Jain is the person and inspiration behind this website. Mr. Jain is a professional Electrical Engineer who is the follower of Natha cult and practice Hatha Yoga and various Mantric practices by the blessing of his Great Guru Yogi Shree Santosh Nath ji. He believe that God in highest Guru form is ever existent and is known by Shree Shambhujati Guru Goraksha Nath ji. All existing power in the universe is his disciple. Mr Jain is a great devotee of Rudraksha bead and is an expert in imparting knowledge about this magical bead. Thousands of needy have been benefited by his guidance. He always like to help people coming out of bad phase with his expertise.

Mr. Jain is a leading Rudraksha specialist, an educator and a great devotee of Rudraksha and the highest power of this Universe Shri Goraksha Nath ji. By the blessing of Shri Nath ji Mr. Jain could open the hidden power of the Rudraksha which is incomparable. Rudraksha power is much more than any other thing exist in this Universe i.e. Gems, Mantra, Yantra, Tantra.